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Dengue virus infection are major cause mortality and morbidity in south-east Asia. South and central America with 24000 death annually. two factor are responsible for the severe outcomes of the dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). One is the virescence of the virus and second is the cross-reactivity if the virus dengue serotype with the immune  system of the host […]

Book on Globalization

In today’s world, globalization is taking the center stage in every debate, at the individual, the institutional or governmental level; hence it is important to grasp the different facets of this phenomenon. It is always difficult to capture the complexity of any social occurrence and more so of Globalization. This book is an effort to […]

Prevalence of Anemia and Thrombocytopenia in Pregnant Females of Lahore

Increased demand of nutrition during pregnancy due to the developing fetus sometimes results in anemia in whose women who are not taking enough food. Anemia in pregnancy is a serious condition and it may cause lethal outcomes both for the mother and baby. Thrombocytopenia is also an important finding in pregnancy along with preeclampsia which […]

Battle of the Brain (SCIS)

A Speed Programming Competition was held by the School of Computing and Information Sciences. First Position- C Warriors  Second Position- ICBS Eagles Third Position-  CS F-16 Prize and Certificate distribution was done by BoG Mr Munawar Ahmed and A.D Admin Mr Shuja Sarwar.    

Asst. Professor SAAD Nominated for Munich Jewellery Week

Profile: Bachelors of Jewellery Design Masters of Fine Arts (Gems & Contemporary Jewellery) Presently working as Assistant Professor at SAAD (School of Architecture Art and Design). Ms. Aiza Mehmood got nominated for the prize called “Talent 2016” from 600 applicants. The Munich Jewellery Week runs concurrent with the annual Handwerk & Design expo, which hosts key exhibitions like […]

ICBS Wins 1st Position in Jashan-e-Baharan

ICBS men tug of war team won the 1st position in 4th Jashan-e-Baharan 2016 organised by Chief Minister Youth Mobilization Committee.  
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Quality Enhancement Cell

Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is the cell where quality of the education and all other concerns is assured. QEC at ICBS controls all standards in the institute.

Undergraduate Programs

ICBS offers a broad spectrum of undergraduate programs through which many of ambitions of the youngsters are being come true.


ICBS currently offers the following graduate programs. In which students have been enrolled with different disciplines.


ICBS currently offers the following graduate programs. In which students have been enrolled with different disciplines.