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I hereby allow the Imperial College of Business Studies to send me text messages including end-of-semester grades and other important information.

I am undertake to submit attested photocopy of my Intermediate/A-Level/DAE/Bachelor/Masters/MPhill result as soon as it is declared. In case, if the result is declared, I will submit it within 3 weeks from the date of declaration of result. If i fail to full-fill the eligibility criteria for admission, Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) has the right to cancel my admission. I have read the prospectus of the ICBS and understood the content thereof. The particulars given above are correct to the best of my knowledge. If found otherwise, I shall be liable to any action as per policy of the ICBS. I’d admitted, I will observe the rules and regulations of the ICBS as prescribed in the prospectus. I shall be sincerely devote my self to my studies and uphold the dignity and prestige of the ICBS and shall be liable to penalty imposed by the ICBS authorities in case of violation on my part.