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Imperial College of Business Studies

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop strong numerical and quantitative skills, with advanced analytical and problem-solving capabilities. Develop of an additional skills of time management and organization, knowledge and awareness of business organizations and ability to argue your case and negotiate.

F.A. (Mathematics/Statistics/Economics) / F.Sc. (Pre-medical & Pre-engineering)/ICS / I.Com /A-level and equivalent. ICBS entry test with qualifying marks 50%.

Message from the Head of the Civil Engineering Department:

Faculty Civil Engineering & Technology

PEO: 01

To provide in-depth understanding and education of civil engineering by incorporating analysis, design, construction and management of engineering problems.

PEO: 02

To impart ethics and concepts of sustainable development

PEO: 03

To enhance student skills through effective communication and teamwork

Total Hours: 16+17+16+18+15+18+18+18=136 CR