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Mission Statement

Architecture influences our society and culture; the history of architecture bridges the gap between the bygone eras and the present day. Since the beginning of time, each civilization of different eras formed its unique style based on its religious beliefs, philosophies, and social needs.

F.Sc (Pre- Engineering/Pre-Medical )/ A Level (Pre-Engineering / Intermediate with Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science with Minimum 50% marks. ICBS entry test with qualifying marks 50%.

Message from the Head of the Civil Engineering Department:

Faculty Civil Engineering & Technology

PEO: 01

To provide in-depth understanding and education of civil engineering by incorporating analysis, design, construction and management of engineering problems.

PEO: 02

To impart ethics and concepts of sustainable development

PEO: 03

To enhance student skills through effective communication and teamwork

Total Hours:  19+20+19+20+19+19+20+17+15+16 = 184 CR

Note: At the end of the third year (after semesters VI) and fourth year, (after semesters VIII) the students are required to do a compulsory internship or field studies for six weeks during summer vacations. B.Arch. degree shall be awarded only to those students who have completed a minimum of 12 weeks of internship, besides completing another requirement of the degree.