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Department of Associate Degree in Computer Science (2 Years Program)


The associate degree in different subjects offered by the ICBS as a 2-years regular degree programs as mention below:

Associate Degree (AD) Program in Computer Science


It is 2-years degree programs (four semesters) which based on knowledge, skills and values. The award of 2-year associate degree be contingent upon completing a mandatory 3-month internship allocated to the student, following a presentation given by the student and submission of a report.


Program Objectives

The objectives of the Associate Degree in Arts Program are:

  • To provide students a broad base and academic foundation of multidisciplinary programs;
  • To give students comprehensive knowledge in Arts subjects that is fairly sufficient to expose to different disciplines;
  • To reflect a general understanding of the concepts and principles of selected areas of the study thus providing students an opportunity to decide the specialization fields for making professional choices.
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Mission Statement

The Artificial Intelligence (AI)program mission is to focuses on efforts that will benefit Pakistan in addressing societal needs in areas such as healthcare, education, agriculture, smart cities, and infrastructure, including smart mobility and transportation.

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Admission Criteria

• Intermediate (Equivalent to 12 years of education)
• Candidates having ‘A’ levels are required to provide equivalence certificate from Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Islamabad.

Message from the Head of the artificial intelligence Department:

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Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


It is two-years full time study program spread over four semesters. Each semester has at least 18 weeks duration for teaching and examinations etc.

Assessment of Study Program

The students’ study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout the semester by giving assignments, on-line quizzes, Graded Discussion Boards (GDBs), mid-term and final term exams. The Mid-term and final term exams are conducted at VU’s designated centers and usually count for 80 to 85% of the total marks for a course.

Award of Degree

To be eligible for the award of Associate Degree in Arts, a student is required to earn prescribed 66 credit hours with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.00 out of 4.

Program Offered





Year 1

Semester -I

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
Maj/CE-101 Introduction to Computing 3(2+1)
Maj/CS-102 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-103 Financial Accounting 3(3+0)
CC/Eng-103 Functional English 3(3+0)
  CC/PS-101 Pakistan Studies 2(2+0)
CC/Isl-101 CC/Phil-101 Islamic Studies Ethics (For Non-Muslim) 2(2+0) 2(2+0)
  Total Credits 16

Year 1

Semester -II

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
Maj/CS-104 Introduction to Programming 3(2+1)
Maj/CS-105 Digital Logic Design 3(2+1)
FC/CE-105 Calculus 3(3+0)
FC/Math-106 Discrete Mathematics & Linear Algebra 3(3+0)
FC/Eco-101 Economics 3(3+0)
CC/Eng-104 Business and Technical English Writing 2(2+0)
  Total Credits 17

Year 2

Semester -III

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
Maj/CS-201 Data Structures 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-202 Object Oriented Programming 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-203 Data Communication 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-204 Differential Equations 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-205 Circuit Theory 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-206 Statistics and Probability 3(3+0)
  Total Credits 18

Year 2

Semester -IV

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
Maj/CS-207 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-208 Database Management Systems 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-209 Software Engineering 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-210 Computer Networks 3(3+0)
Maj/CS-211 Numerical Analysis 3(3+0)
CC/Phy-101 Physics 3(3+0)
  Total Credits 17


Course No Course Title Credit Hours
Maj/CS-212 Internship (Mandatory - 03 Months) 6
Total Hours: Total Credit Hours: 16+17+18+17+6 = 74