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Imperial College of Business Studies

Mission Statement

The successful completion of this program would lead participants to advance on their existing corporate position or join new lucrative careers in both public and private sectors. This program also provides a solid platform to individuals who arThe mission of the Department of Islamic Studies will study, the origins of the Qur’an, its overall structure and content, major themes, approaches to its interpretation, and its function in Muslim religious, social, cultural and political lifee in pursuit of their careers as successful businessman and are able to handle entrepreneurial startups of their own.

A minimum qualification of F.A/F.Sc is required for admission.
ICBS entry test with qualifying marks 50%.

Message from the Head of the Master of Business Administration Executive Department:

PEO: 01

To provide in-depth understanding and education of civil engineering by incorporating analysis, design, construction and management of engineering problems.

PEO: 02

To impart ethics and concepts of sustainable development

PEO: 03

To enhance student skills through effective communication and teamwork

Total Hours: 17+17+15+15+15+18+18+18=133 CR