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The mission of the Computer Science program is to prepare students to be research and development leaders in computer science and computer technology. To this end, the program is a catalyst and a resource for shaping the future of the broad discipline of computer science.

Dean Message

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The faculty is committed to offer high-tech courses with research-based teaching. We believe that our well-structured carefully planned courses enable students to improve their skills and place them at competitive positions in the market. Moreover, we believe that the students acquire true knowledge with intelligence with gives them the leadership skills to take-on the technical challenges at national and international level. Our curriculum focuses on computational thinking, examining the strengths and limitations of computers in terms of what can be computed, developing programming knowledge and skills and enhancing the understanding of computer-based problem-solving techniques. We make sure that our students have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to produce computer-based optimal solutions to the problems from the areas such as Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cyber Security, networking transportation etc.

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Academic Structure of Computer Sciences Program (AS PER HEC)

Domain Knowledge Area Total Courses Total Credit Hours % Overall
Non-Engineering Humanities 6 13 30
Management Sciences 3 8
Natural Sciences 7 20
Sub Total 16 41
Non-Engineering Computing 3 9 70
Engineering Foundation 9 29
Major Based Core (Breadth) 6 20
Major Based Core (Depth) 7 24
Inter-Disciplinary Engineering
Breadth (Electives)
2 7
Civil Engineering Project 1 6
Industrial Training/Internship
0 0
Sub Total 28 95
Total 44 136 100.00