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The Faculty of Engineering and Technology is on a mission to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge through pursuit of excellence in teaching, creative thinking, research and development. To create an environment in which faculty, students and alumni can utilize their skills to make positive contributions to society.

Dean Message

Prof. Dr Khalid Qamar
It is a pleasure to welcome to prospective students and their parents/guardians to The ICBS. Faculty of Engineering & Technology comprises of six Departments of Engineering i.e., Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology. These undergraduate programs of Engineering & Engineering Technology are accredited from Pakistan Engineering Council and National Technology Council and recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The ICBS adopted the Curriculum of Engineering & Technology as per HEC / PEC / NTC. Curriculum has recently been revisited to align it with Outcome Based Education (OBE) system, necessary requirements of Washington Accord (WA). Because of the initiative of PEC, Pakistan is a full signatory of WA, which means substantial equivalence of engineering qualifications among the signatory countries and cross mobility of engineering in International market. The Faculty of Engineering & Technology has always endeavored to empower the graduates with knowledge and skills essential for current job market. The focus of our Engineering and Technology education henceforth would be to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence level of graduates. The qualified, dedicated and competent faculty, well equipped laboratories, classrooms with teaching aids add value to the courses being conducted by the Departments. The ICBS campus is centrally located on the highly green canal bank road and can easily be approached from any corner of Lahore. The infrastructure and the atmosphere combine to provide great working and studying environment. Welcome to the most fulfilling and learning years of your life.

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Academic Structure of Engineering Program (AS PER HEC)

Domain Knowledge Area Total Courses Total Credit Hours % Overall
Non-Engineering Humanities 6 13 30
Management Sciences 3 8
Natural Sciences 7 20
Sub Total 16 41
Non-Engineering Computing 3 9 70
Engineering Foundation 9 29
Major Based Core (Breadth) 6 20
Major Based Core (Depth) 7 24
Inter-Disciplinary Engineering
Breadth (Electives)
2 7
Civil Engineering Project 1 6
Industrial Training/Internship
0 0
Sub Total 28 95
Total 44 136 100.00