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Mission Statement

This department is committed to providing an ideal environment of learning and research through its highly qualified and experienced faculty, state of the art research facilities and creative activities couples with collaborative engagement involving local as well as global communities. Considering the increasingly interconnectedness of the contemporary world, the department seeks to educate students to become communicatively competent and well informed global citizen with proficiency in languages and critical insights into the world culture to gain and disseminate new modes of knowledge have always been the hallmarks of this department. Our vision, in broader terms, is to produce a generation of graduates willing to and capable of contributing to global peace, prosperity and progress, of course, with their applied communicative cognitive, critical, cultural, social and creative skills.

F.A. / F.Sc. / I.Com / ICS / DAE / A-Level certificate or equivalent with minimum 40% marks.

Message from the Head of the Civil Engineering Department:

Faculty Civil Engineering & Technology

PEO: 01

To provide in-depth understanding and education of civil engineering by incorporating analysis, design, construction and management of engineering problems.

PEO: 02

To impart ethics and concepts of sustainable development

PEO: 03

To enhance student skills through effective communication and teamwork

Total Hours: 17+17+15+15+15+18+15+18=130 CR