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Transfer / Migration

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Migration Policy

  1. Admission is granted on the basis of migration if the applicant fulfills all the requirements as per admission rules of ICBS.
  2. ICBS strictly follows the HEC rules for the migration / migration of credit hours mentioned below:
    1. ICBS transfers the credit hour of the migrated students as per criteria given by HEC for all the Chartered Higher Education Institutes of Pakistan.
    2. Credits are transferred on course to course basis.
    3. No credit hour of a course will be transferred if the grade is less than C for undergraduate and B for graduate

The determination of acceptability of credit for course work completed at another recognized Degree Awarding Institution (DAI) is made solely at the discretion of ICBS. The evaluation of any course work or examination from another Institution for acceptance by the Institute will be based only on an official transcript from the institution originally offering the course work or examination. A credit transfer fee shall be charged as per approved from Finance and Planning Committee of ICBS. The following procedure for the transfer of Credit Hours and Transfer of Student are as follow.

An official transcript showing course title, course credit hours, grades, obtained marks, total marks, etc.

  1. The application for transfer of credit hours shall be submitted by the student along with the following documents.
  2. The course outline and teaching plan of the course.

Transfer Policy

  1. Student s should earn 60 credit hour s in undergraduate transfer case and 15 credit hours for the MS / M.Phil. Programs.
  2. Principally the maximum credits for work done before joining the ICBS will be considered only up to 40% of the undergraduate and MS / M.Phil. Programs to which the application is being made.
  3. Transferred / exempted courses will be reflected on the Transcript. However, grades earned from other institutions will not count towards CGPA computation by ICBS.
  4. All the eligibility criteria of ICBS must be completed for the transfer.
  5. Transfer of Credit Hours as per policy of HEC.
  6. Exemption / Acceptance of credit transfer to a student’s academic curriculum shall be determined by the Equivalence Committee of the concerned department and approved in the Board of Studies of the Department.
  1. Equivalence committee shall be constituted and notified by the Rector
  2. The committee shall comprise three senior faculty members of the department, headed by the senior member who are to decide for the exemption/ acceptance of the courses/ credit hours.

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