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Associate Degree Program in Arts (ADP in Arts) is a versatile and comprehensive academic pursuit that offers students a rich and diverse educational experience. ADP Arts encompasses a wide array of subjects spanning humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and beyond. Through a balanced curriculum, students are encouraged to explore various disciplines, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a holistic understanding of the world around them. This program is designed to nurture well-rounded individuals who possess both a broad knowledge base and the skills necessary to adapt to an ever-evolving global landscape.

Career Scope

Career opportunities available to ADP Arts graduates include

Program Details

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Upto 100%  Scholarships Available

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  • Duration 2 Years
  • Total Program Fee: 340,000
  • First Semester Fee: 80,000
  • Registration Fee: 20,000

Semester fees can be paid in 3 installments

Admission Criteria:

12 years of education or equivalent to Intermediate

Scheme of Studies

  • Basic Design I
  • Drawing I
  • Introduction To Computers I
  • English Language 1
  • History Of Art I
  • Pak Studies
  • Basic Design Ii
  • Drawing Ii
  • Textile Technology I
  • English Language Ii
  • Digital Textile I
  • Islamic Studies
  • 3d Textile Design
  • Drawing Iii
  • Weaving I
  • Digital Textiles Ii
  • Textile Craft
  • Textile Project
  • Textile Surface Rendering
  • Marketing
  • Textile Seminar

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