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Detail of Research Articles Published on the basis of thesis research work:

  1. Khan M.M. and Tahir A, (2021. Do teams need cog-synergy mental models for strategic directions” Discovery, 57(310) 709-719
  2. Ahmad M.S., Khan M.M. and Iqbal M.N., (2021). When subordinates: psychological empowerment knocks despotism: combined effects of despotic leadership and innovative behavior. Journal of Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences. 7(2)99-124. HEC Y Category Journal)
  3. Ahmad M.S., Khan M.M., Mehmood A., Usman Ali and Iqbal M. MN. (2021) Impact of employee perception shaped by despotic leadership on the job performance of employees: Investigating the mediating role of work engagement and the moderating role of social climate of friendship groups. Journal of Management & Research. 8(20 62-97. HEC Y Category Journal.
  4. Iqbal M.N. and Khan M.M., (2021) Impact of tax-burden on mutual funds performance. International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences 11(2)77-90. HEC Y Category Journal.
  5. Arshad M., Abid G., Ahmad J., Anum I., and Khan M.M., (2021). Impact of employee’s job attitudes on ecological green behavior in hospitality sector. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, 2(2), 1-14. HEC Q1 Category Journal.
  6. Khan M.M Tahir A. and khan M.T (2020). Removing reticence leading to transformation in negative Perception through Experimental Design. Pakistan Journal of Humanities and social Science research .3(2), 167-182.HEC Y category Journal
  7. Arshad M.Abid G., and khan .M.M.,(2020). Impact of employee’s environment concern on ecological green behavior: Medication mechanism of employee customerorientedOCB and organizational commitment. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and change.www.ijicc.net14(12),614-633.HECQ2 Category Journal
  8. Ahmad R. KhanM.M., and Ishaque M.I. (2020). The role of envy and psychological capital on performance in banking industry of Pakistan. Pakistan Social Sciences Review,4(4),96-112. HEC Y Category Journal
  9. Khan M.M., Tahir a. Idrees F. and Iqbal Z. The impact of goals compatibility on organization performance. The Discourse,6(1), 299-310 HEC Y Category Journal
  10. Khan M.M., Khuram S. and Tahir A. (2020). Achieving bilateral, regional and global peace and sustainability through common grounds. Review of Economics and development Studies, 6(3), 591-605. HEC Y Category Journal.

Detail of Research Articles Published on the basis of thesis research work:

  1. Title of Paper: Knowledge Workers & ‘Ilm’ – A Retrospective on Islamic Philosophy and Epistemology for Learning Organizations (

  2. Title of Paper: Impact of Self-Gift Behavior on Masstige Consumption: Moderating Role of Self-Esteem and Ideal- Social-Self(

  3. Title of Paper: When subordinates’ psychological empowerment knocks despotism: Combined effects of despotic leadership and subordinates’ psychological empowerment on employees’ career satisfaction and innovative behavior. (

  4. Title of Paper: Exploring The Relation Between Learning Styles and Writing Completence of Pakistani ESL Learners:Implications for Instruction and Assessment (

  5. Title of Paper: Visual and Emotional approach in Social Mediacovi-19Cancer Posts (HJRS:

  6. Title of Paper:The Relationship between Personality Traits and Academic Achievements of Pakistani ESLs: Factors, Implications, and Future Directions (

  7. Title of Paper: Accounting conservatism and corporate financial performance: Moderating role of governance mechanisms. (

  8. Title of Paper: Impact of Tax-burden on Mutual Funds Performance.(

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