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We offer Degree programs in Business, Information Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, and much more.

The present age is the most challenging as it involves the survival of nations through the attainment of excellence in modern knowledge, based on technological advancement. Unfortunately, the negative and apathetic attitude of Muslims towards acquiring education has taken them away from the light of wisdom. The tide of the events turned in favor of the West. It is true that national development, to a great extent, depends on the people being educated and aware of their national responsibilities. It is also true that only educated masses who can fully and properly understand the national needs and requirements become the force of growth and development. In this situation, education contributes a great deal to developing human talent. We are fully aware
of the overriding importance of modern education, therefore, we have established an institute of academic excellence in the name and style of the Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore.

Prof. Dr Tahira Aziz Mughal

Chancellor ICBS

About Imperial College Of Business Studies

ICBS strives to be the best College in Pakistan for providing the highest quality education and recreation curriculum for 2023-24.
Our Career Development Professionals are prepared to help you choose the right way for your future.

It is a chartered, autonomous, independent, organized, and managed institution in the private sector.

ICBS Launch

With the concept of organized learning, ICBS always aimed at providing premium knowledge to its Proud Students.

Mission Statement

At ICBS College, We are committed to producing leading professionals and inspiring business leaders to serve the nation in the years ahead.
We are well-intentioned to achieve that milestone with our continuous improvement policy, and adapting attitude toward international research & development of forthcoming world-leading education programs.
ICBS is progressively stepping closer each time to participating in the deployment of modern education concepts for future leaders and top-notched professionals


What We Provide

Facilities that support the academic, social, and extracurricular needs of students, faculty, and staff.


Student Life

Best Designed to Create an Environment for Learning, Research, and Personal Development.


Art & Clubs

Ideal large spaces for Lectures, Presentations, Seminars, Conferences, and Cultural Events.


Sports & Fitness

Outdoor Sports Facility includes Fields, Tracks, and Courts for various International Sports.


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Scholarship Programs

Financial support to the students who focus completely on Learning. Especially for students who may be paying for their own tuition, getting a scholarship that eases the burden of studies will help the student focus more while studying.

Career Opportunities

Whether you’re just starting your college career, transferring from another school, or pursuing graduate opportunities, ICBS gives you the tools you need to transform your world and shape your future.

Our Lecturers

Competent Instructors And Lecturers

Our staff is our pride, we have the best staff recruiting method which ensures quality education and Value.

We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life

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