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The Faculty strives to become a center of excellence in the world of business education and research. With our experience in offering business education, research and successful graduate placement profiles, we are confident and motivated to offer our education services to an ever wider audience. We realize the significance of academic and industry linages, and ensure that this collaboration is continued on a sustained basis to benefit our students and society.

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Keeping in view global competition and rapidly changing technology, lifelong learning is a necessity. Successful professionals always need to continually update their skills and knowledge in order to keep pace with the latest development. To meet the requirements of the era, Faculty of Business Administration offers various degree programs for all those who desire to obtain up-to-date management and technology knowledge, skills, and insights. The Faculty designs a broad range of degree programs including Master, Undergraduate programs. These programs focus on contemporary management and technology issues, achieving a balance between theory and practical applications. The faculty members have extensive management and technology education experience working for and with major companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. The graduates are shaped up by one of the finest business faculties in the county, and are thoroughly groomed for the role of leaders and managers in the fields of Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management etc. these graduates have been running the operations of various national / multinational firms throughout the world.

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Academic Structure of Business Administration Program (AS PER HEC)

Domain Knowledge Area Total Courses Total Credit Hours % Overall
Non-Engineering Humanities 6 13 30
Management Sciences 3 8
Natural Sciences 7 20
Sub Total 16 41
Non-Engineering Computing 3 9 70
Engineering Foundation 9 29
Major Based Core (Breadth) 6 20
Major Based Core (Depth) 7 24
Inter-Disciplinary Engineering
Breadth (Electives)
2 7
Civil Engineering Project 1 6
Industrial Training/Internship
0 0
Sub Total 28 95
Total 44 136 100.00