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Mission Statement

This program is designed to prepare the students for career as technologists in many electrical and related fields suiting to those who wish to pursue a career in telecommunication, power, networking, and other sub categories of these fields. Electrical technologists are in great demand with employers within Pakistan and abroad. The main employment areas include Electrical Power (generation, supply and distribution), Power System Electrical Machinery (installation and design), Telecommunication and broadcasting industry.

50% marks in F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering) or Equivalent Qualification A-level / ICS / DAE / B.Sc. (Excluding sports and Hafiz-e-Quran),
Qualifying the Entry Test
The Induction Weightage is 70% weightage to F. Sc. Or Equivalent / ICS / DAE / B.Sc. 30% to Entry Test. The student should have at least 50% overall adjusted admission marks computed from above ratios. Equivalence of the Examination passed by the candidate shall be determined by Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) and eligibility by the concerned HEI.

Message from the Head of the electrical Engineering Technology Department:

Faculty electrical Engineering Technology

PEO: 01

Apply engineering knowledge and technological skills for design and development of solutions for complex engineering problems.

PEO: 02

Provide sustainable and environment friendly solutions of ethical problems for the betterment of society.

PEO: 03

Exhibit ethical and moral values while working with different industries and research institutes.

PEO: 04

Demonstrate leadership qualities and managerial skills to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment.

Total Hours: 17+18+17+16+18+15+16+16=133 CR