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Associate Degree Program in Arts and Design (ADP in A&D) offers an exciting journey into creativity, aesthetics, and visual expression. This interdisciplinary program is designed to cultivate a deep understanding of artistic techniques, design principles, and cultural contexts. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, students will explore various forms of artistic expression, fostering their ability to communicate ideas and emotions through visual media.

Career Scope

Graduates of the Associate Degree Program in Arts and Design (ADP Arts and Design) possess a diverse skill set that opens doors to various career opportunities, including

Program Details

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  • Duration 2 Years
  • Total Program Fee: 340,000
  • First Semester Fee: 80,000
  • Registration Fee: 20,000

Semester fees can be paid in 3 installments

Admission Criteria:

12 years of education or equivalent to Intermediate

Scheme of Studies

  • Basic Design I
  • Drawing I
  • Introduction To Computers I
  • English Language 1
  • History Of Art I
  • Pak Studies
  • Basic Design Ii
  • Drawing Ii
  • Textile Technology I
  • English Language Ii
  • Digital Textile I
  • Islamic Studies
  • 3d Textile Design
  • Drawing Iii
  • Weaving I
  • Digital Textiles Ii
  • Textile Craft
  • Textile Project
  • Textile Surface Rendering
  • Marketing
  • Textile Seminar

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