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A Bachelor of Science in Urdu is an undergraduate program that focuses on the study of the Urdu language, literature, and its cultural significance. The degree program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of Urdu grammar, poetry, prose, drama, linguistics, and literary criticism.

By delving into its storied past, the undergraduate program unveils the language’s glorious history, tracing its evolution through literature, poetry, and societal impact. Beyond heritage, the undergraduate program envisions a vibrant future for Urdu, cultivating an environment where students learn the language and comprehend its contemporary significance.

The Urdu Undergraduate program stands as a beacon, inspiring a new generation to embrace and propel the legacy of this enchanting language forward.

Career Scope

Graduates with a BS in Urdu have career opportunities in various sectors

Program Details

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  • Duration 4 Years
  • Total Program Fee: 530,000
  • First Semester Fee: 63,750
  • Registration Fee: 20,000

Semester fees can be paid in 3 installments

Admission Criteria:

12 years of education or equivalent to Intermediate.

Scheme of Studies

  • Islamic Education/Ethics (For Non-Muslim)
  • Introduction to Human Rights
  • Nasri Asnaaf  – Taaruf-o-Tafheem
  • Ideological foundation of Pakistan (1853-1920)
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Al. Quran-I
  • Educational Psychology-I
  • Physical Education-I
  • Pre-Socratic Thoughts-I
  • Introduction & Basic Methods of Social Work

(Choose Any One)

  • Academic Reading & Writing
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Sheri Asnaaf – Taaruf-o-Tafheem
  • Ideological foundation of Pakistan (1853-1920)
  • Fundamentals of Political Science
  • Al. Quran-II

(Choose Any One)

  • Educational Psychology-II
  • Health Education-I
  • Three Major Greek Philosophers-I
  • Society and Social Change

(Choose Any One)

  • Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Computer
  • Nasri Adab – I
  • Urdu ki Mazahiya Shaeri
  • Patterns of Society and Culture
  • The Comparative Constitution (Developed)
  • Classical Muslim Philosophy-I
  • Social Development of Pakistan
  • Hadeeth, Fiqh aur Tareekh-e-Islam-I
  • Educational Psychology-III
  • Physical Education-II

(Choose Any One)

  • Advance Academic Reading & Writing
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Nasri Adab – II
  • Urdu ki Mazahiya Nasr
  • Patterns of  Pakistan Society and Culture
  • The Comparative Constitution (Developing)
  • Classical Muslim Philosophy-II
  • Secondary Methods and Fields of Social Work
  • Hadeeth, Fiqh aur Tareekh-e-Islam-II
  • Educational Psychology-IV
  • Health Education-II

(Choose Any One)

  • Urdu Zuban-Qawaed-o-Imla
  • Meer ka Khasoosi Mutaleah
  • Tareekh-e-Adab-e-Urdu (Ibtada sy Fort William College tak)
  • Urdu Ghazal ka Fikri-o-Fanni Mutaleah
  • Afsaanvi Adab
  • Adabi Istalahaat
  • Ghalib ka Khasoosi Mutaleah
  • Tareekh-e-Adab-e-Urdu (1857 se ta Haal)
  • Urdu Zuban-Tashkeel-o-Irtiqa
  • Urdu Nazm-Rivayat
  • Mutaleah-e-Iqbal Ma’a Urdu Matn
  • Tahqeeq-oTadveen
  • Urdu Nazm – Tajribaat
  • Urdu Novel-Beesvin Sadi mia
  • Urdu Tanqeed ki Mashriqi Rivayat
  • Urdu Tanqeek ki Maghrabi Rivayat
  • Tarjuma – Rivayat-o-Funn
  • Mutaleah-e-Iqbal Ma’a Farsi Matn
  • Research Thesis

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