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Post Associate Degree Program (Post ADP) studies provide individuals with the opportunity to further their education, enhance career prospects, and gain specialized knowledge and skills beyond the Associate Degree level. These programs are flexible and tailored to the needs of individuals who seek to advance their education and careers while building on their previous academic achievements.

Advance level educational opportunities available to individuals who have already completed an Associate Degree (ADP) or equivalent education. These programs are designed to provide further specialization, advanced training, or career development beyond the standard 14 year education. The entry is awarded in the 5th Semester of existing BS level program.

As a student and a scholar, it’s your duty to be curious about everything, so nothing should be off-limits.
Maryum Aftab
Batch 2021

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These programs are designed for students with an Associate Degree who wish to continue their education and earn a Bachelor’s (16 years) degree. They often offer specialized tracks or concentrations aligned with the student’s Associate Degree field.

The curriculum for Post ADP programs varies depending on the specific program type. Bachelor’s completion programs often include a blend of upper-level coursework and general education requirements to fulfill Bachelor’s degree requirements. Advanced certificates focus on specialized courses relevant to the chosen field.

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